John Patrick Allanegui

John Patrick Allanegui writes creative nonfiction. His works have appeared in various local and international media outlets, books, journals, and anthologies. His background in the social sciences and interest in creative writing have put him across a number of work, ranging from editorship to outer space development and policy writing for the government.



Emman Peregrin 

Emman Peregrin is a travel and lifestyle photographer. He was a filmmaker at first, but then decided to take the challenge of telling a story through a single frame. A self-confessed “people person”, he enjoys meeting new people and sharing stories with them, which gives him angles to play around when doing bodies of work.



Leah  de Leon 

Leah de Leon is a freelance photographer based in Manila. She’s been contributing to various publications, mostly travel and lifestyle, and is working side-by-side with her life partner who is also a photographer. She loves coffee very much especially those with fruity and floral notes, and currently enjoys baking to de-stress.