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Pricey, hard-to-find board games up for grabs


A ll Corners Cowork is a venue in Quezon City prides itself as “a one-stop shop” for people looking for a place to work. Come this Saturday, however, it will be a place for them to play.

On June 15 all the way to the 16th, the venue will be hosting a 24-Hour Gaming Marathon organized by Game Detective, a local procurer of board games.  Through this event, people can play popular board games, get involved with the local board gaming community and stand a chance to win games priced over 35,000php. It will start at 11am on the 15th and as the event’s name suggests, it will run nonstop for 24 hours.

“In celebration of International Tabletop Day and Father’s day, let’s put away our gadgets and get ready for some human social interaction,” the event’s release said. “You can pit your mind against other people, test your intelligence and sit down to have some seriously fun table time.”

And the organizer will be providing several avenues to do that. Throughout its 24-hour duration, Game Detective and the venue will be providing a number of games and playing options for attendees. For one, there will be a game tourney which will yield prizes and hourly raffles. There will also be long game sessions (to help people finally get a full try at those 8 hour long games,)  kid friendly titles and a chance to try games that have only been recently released at the Essen Game Fair (like the Spiel des Jahres 2019 nominee LAMA by Reiner Knizia, or the 2019 newly released Pearls from AbacusSpiele.)

Popular tabletop games will also be available for play. Participants will be given a chance to dive into well-loved titles like Twilight Imperium IV, Rising Sun, Food Chain Magnate, Scythe, Blood Rage, Dinosaur Island Xtreme Edition, Root with the Riverfolk Expansions, Container and Western Legends among others.

Meanwhile, those interested in the backend of the local gaming industry can interact with Philippine developers and try their games. Local titles like Space Dogs, Rapids, Talinghaga, and 9Lives will be available. And then there’s Joshua Daniel Flores of Joosh Two Thin Coats (which paints miniature figures for either personal gain or commissions.) He too will be present at the event for a miniature painting demo for those interested to learn the skill. 

“Try out new and exciting games well past your regular Monopoly and Scrabble, and prepare yourself for a headfirst dive into the unforgettable experience of modern board gaming,” the release said. “Let’s find out who’ll be the last gamer standing.”

Those interested in joining may purchase tickets at the venue itself. The payment options are as follows: 1500php (for a whole day pass, 3 meals, unlimited coffee and drinks and inclusion in the raffle,) P1150 (for a whole day pass and a raffle inclusion,) and 500php (which only provides a day pass.)

“Participants are not required to stay for the entire duration of the event,” the release said. “The 500 peso ticket entitles you to entrance for the duration of the entire 24 hour event.  Pop in and out as you please.”

Since its foundation back in 2015, Game Detective has made a name for itself by acquiring hard-to-find tabletop games for the local market. And now, local players can enjoy those games as the company holds this 24-hour marathon.

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