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My Chemical Romance Fans to Hold Tribute Night

Local bands to play songs from “Danger Days.”


T hey may have disbanded in 2013 but My Chemical Romance (MCR) still has a strong following in Metro Manila. And if you need solid proof of that, you only need to look at what’s been happening in recent years.

Since 2016, MCRmy Philippines, the group’s fan club, has been having annual tribute nights for the band. They’ve been gathering local artists to perform some of its music and they’ve been achieving a motivating amount of success because of it. Last year, they held a tribute night for the band’s 1st album, “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.” This year, they’re looking to pay homage to the 4th—“Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”

“Manila 2019: A Tribute to Danger Days’ is the biggest gathering of My Chemical Romance fans in the country for the year,” said Hayce Atienza, a local artist who also happens to be one of the admins of MCRmy. “We are hoping to bring together as many fans as we can to serve as a statement of how immortal the music of MCR is while proving how strong the fan community still is despite the band’s break-up six years ago.”

Happening on August 3, 6 PM at saGuijo, with a door charge of 300 PHP, “A Tribute to Danger Days” will bring together 12 local artists inspired by the music of MCR. It will also pay tribute to the post-apocalyptic concept of its namesake by encouraging guests to wear Danger Days-inspired costumes. They are also encouraged to come up with their own “killjoy names” (aliases that resemble superhero handles.) This in turn is a reference to the trend which started when the MCR album was released.

For the night, the line-up consists of Alay Ni Sheng, Aye, The Anchor, Createurs, Delaney, Fall On Thursday, Invictus, Lunarlights, Meryl, Reckless Thursday, Scriptorium, Shift Heads and Atienza herself.

“Our main criteria for our 12 bands is if they listen or love MCR, too, so that the connection that they will create with the MCR fans that will make up majority of the event’s crowd will be very natural,” she said, “But to spice things up, we had the fans vote for the last band to complete our artist roster by doing a Facebook poll.” Rizal’s Fall On Thursday won the poll with more than 2,500 votes. And this is already a testament to the public’s interest towards the event—something that hardly surprises Atienza given MCR’s popularity.

“Whenever we look back to the emo music era that dominated our airwaves from 2005 to 2009, My Chemical Romance is one, if not the first, of the bands that pop up in majority of Filipinos’ heads,” she said. “Aside from being international rock legends because of head-banging anthems that helped us release our inner angst, MCR will always be a symbol of our generation’s formative years since most of us sought refuge in music that made us feel understood.”

This is but one of the reasons as to why she thinks that MCR remains popular; it is also one of the reasons why such tribute shows continue to happen years after the group disbanded.

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