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[On Track] “Pwede Ba” by Dan Tristan

The questions that unravel an ailing relationship.


T he teaser for the upcoming music video of Dan Tristan’s single “Pwede Ba” has a lot of parallels to the song it was made for.

No more than several seconds after it begins, the singer asks a seemingly innocent question that leads to more queries. When he is met with answers he deems insufficient, he pries further to meet a tone that borders on outright hostility. And when that threshold is finally crossed by both parties, the clear, commonplace exchange transforms into a mess of words desperately trying to be heard. This is exactly what “Pwede Ba” feels like: a gradually devolving pursuit, an effort that captures the unraveling of a once loving relationship.

“Pwede Ba is a song inspired by a friend who shared his story of a break-up,” Tristan said. Hence, its composition. Released on Spotify just this year, the nearly four-minute track starts with notes being strummed off of a guitar before being succeeded by a simple question: “Paano tayo napunta rito? [how did we end up here?]” “Here” is soon defined by the other queries the singer is willing to ask. Where did I go wrong? Can we start over again? His prying continues midway thought the song and as it builds up to the sonic apex of the composition, one can hear him reaching for his high notes, a spirited attempt to portray the throat-stressing desperation commonly heard in passionate arguments.

“Can we go back to the way things were?” This is the ultimate question asked by this track. And it is the same one that will be explored by its music video directed by the singer’s sister Myca Reyes.  Perhaps the answer is yes, perhaps the answer is no. Nevertheless, it is successful in being a song for its target market. “The sawi, the bitter, the heartbroken, the di-pa-din-makamove-on,” Tristan said.

He is inviting them today at Jess & Pat’s. Come 6 PM at the venue, the music video for the song will be debuted to once again ask the questions that perhaps they can relate to.

The MV Launch of “Pwede Ba” will feature performances by Dan Tristan, Yassy T., Shepherdess, Martti Franca, Jayann, and Mika Colendra. The stage will also be available for an open mic session. Walk-ins will be charged 250php to enter.

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