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Benefit Gig Shifts Focus Back to Taal’s Survivors

To happen in PUP, “Ignite” will bring in high-profile bands like Parokya ni Edgar and the Itchyworms to further raise funds for the eruption survivors.


W ith everything that’s been going on as of late (from the outbreak of the coronavirus to the franchise issue of broadcasting giant ABS-CBN,) it seems that many have overlooked the problems that began earlier this year—even the ones that remain vastly unresolved.

In Batangas, for example, the future remains uncertain for a large number of families. They’ve been displaced by the January eruption of Taal Volcano and even until now, a number of them continue to face hardships because of that. Some remain removed from their homes while others continue to struggle with livelihood issues, the legacy of a volcanic eruption that compromised sources of income through quakes, ashfall, and panic. Furthermore, aid efforts for them have decreased while talks about their recovery have taken a backseat to other matters of national importance.

There are those, however, who haven’t stopped talking about Taal. In Manila, a group of artists, private individuals, and students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) have been discussing the future of the survivors and they’ve come to one conclusion: aid for them must continue to flow. Hence their event this Friday: a massive benefit concert on grounds of PUP.

IGNITE: PUP Concert for a Cause,” said Ellenor Joyce Bartolome, student reagent of the university. This is the chosen handle for their project and it hopes to once again light a fire under those who might be able to help Taal’s survivors. Featuring a mix of local music icons and rising names, it is put together by a group of students and professionals that make up several organizations: PUP Office of the Student Regent, PUP Sentral na Konseho ng Mag-aaral, PUP SPEAK, and Rotary Club Fort Bonifacio Global City (RFBGC).

“The concert is an extension project of the recently concluded Tanglaw ng Bayan Relief Operation spearheaded by the Office of the Student Regent,” Bartolome said. According to her, the project has successfully handed donations to about 1,000 families in the affected areas. She explained, however, that this is far from enough. “Upon the series of discussions we have conducted together with the volunteers of the Tanglaw ng Bayan Relief Operations, it has been raised that the aftermath effects of the said eruption could last even for a decade.” And this, she said, is why it is important for them to continue helping through the concert.

To be held at the PUP Athletic Oval in Sta. Mesa Manila on February 28, “Ignite” will be headlined by Parokya ni Edgar, the Itchyworms, Gloc-9, Rocksteddy, and Munimuni. It will also feature performances from Mayari, Esremborak, Pusakalye, Ashfall, Absolute Play, and Bita and the Botflies. Additionally, the concert will be opened by The Voice CAL, a singing competition for the university’s College of Arts and Letters foundation week. The gates of the venue will open at 3 PM and the ticket price for PUP students, faculty, and staff will be at 250PHP. Attendees unaffiliated with the university will be charged at 300PHP.

“This concert,” Bartolome said, “aims to ‘ignite’ the youth and mobilize them to participate and engage actively in helping the society as a whole.” Aside from that, of course, the concert is also a message, one that needs to be said to the survivors of volcanic unrest.

Since the eruption of Taal Volcano on January 12, 2020, at least 300,000 people were severely affected. They’ve been forced out of their homes and what they left behind were left to the mercy of natural forces that continue to be unstable today. Earthquakes have damaged homes and roads, toxic ash has covered flora and fauna and lives were drastically changed. Aid came for the people affected by the catastrophe but it lessened significantly in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, it does continue to flow from various sources. And with this concert happening on Friday, its organizers have at least one message for the survivors: in spite of everything going on in the country at the moment, they are not forgotten.


Tickets can be acquired in PUP at the following locations:

1.) Catwalk

2.) Dome facing Lagoon

3.) East Wing near ND bldg.

4.) 3rd Floor South Wing

5.) 6th Floor South Wing

6.) CHK Building

7.) COC Building

8.) ITech Building

9.) CEA Building

10.) CTHTM Building

For outsiders, you may contact the following:

Hilarie Mae Pastor – 09663126853
Sharyl Lyka V. Montano – 09213374372
Edna Faith Gutierrez- 09959626397

Meet up locations:
SM Sta. Mesa
Jollibee Pureza / Stop and Shop
PUP Main Gate

Tickets will also be sold at the venue on the 28th.

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